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Andrology Service

We offer a diverse variety of Andrology services for male infertility including Sperm Freezing, Epididymal and Testicular Sperm Aspiration, Sperm Antibody Testing and Semen Analysis. We strongly believe that it is important for men to have a diagnostic and treatment services customized as per their individual requirements.

At IRMIC, we understand how important it is to address all infertility elements. Our hospital is staffed with highly trained and experienced fertility specialists who effectively analyze your fertility and help in maximizing your chances of a successful pregnancy with your partner. We understand the sensitive nature of male infertility, so you can be assured that confidentiality is our main priority. We are proud to offer a personalized service with continuity of care.

Our IVF center takes immense pride in offering male patients convenient and same-site Andrology services in a highly conducive and attractive atmosphere. We offer state-of-the-art setting for couples to accomplish their reproductive goals in an effective way. Our center is committed to the continuous care and management of men’s health in a holistic manner and deals with problems in urology and male reproductive system. Schedule a consultation with our fertility specialist today as this may give you a confidence to go on with the prescribed medical treatment easily.