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Fertility Enhancing Surgery

With the advancement in technology, the medical field has also undergone a dynamic change. If God has abandoned you from the joy of parenthood, don’t panic. Fertility Enhancing Surgery at IRMIC offer treatments that would result in utmost satisfaction for patients.

There are several conditions that can contribute to infertility – endometriosis, uterine septum, pelvic adhesions and fibroids. We have experts in surgical treatment and management of these conditions and ensure outstanding outcomes to our patients.

Endoscopic surgeries can be performed to ensure that reversible conditions which give rise to infertility are removed. Not only this, Laparoscopy is another minimally invasive treatment with a small camera that enables the fertility expert to view uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries easily. Furthermore, our fertility experts not just finds out the cause of infertility but also corrects it at the same time.