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Genetic Counseling

We at IRMIC center offer genetic counseling for a variety of indications including – family history of a genetic disease, advanced maternal age, first trimester screening, abnormal findings by ultrasound examination and recurrent miscarriage. Our genetic counselors are health care providers proficient in medical genetics. These professionals help determine what tests are suitable for each family. When testing is complete, our counselors explain the results and provide counseling to patients if necessary.

Why People go For Genetic Counseling?

  • A family history of a genetic condition

  • A woman who has had various miscarriages or infant deaths

  • Difficulty in getting pregnant

  • To discuss abnormal results from tests during pregnancy

  • To learn about the effects of being exposed to chemicals, illness and X-rays

Our genetic counselors are trained to provide supreme genetic counseling and can help you find out your chances of giving birth to a child with genetic disorder. During the counseling session, genetic counselor may provide medical information about the present health condition of a patient, provide the family with important details, discover options for prenatal diagnosis or presymptomatic testing and discuss appropriate genetic testing.