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EGG Donation

Egg donation provides a massive opportunity for infertile couples to help them realize their dream of having their own child. There is no dearth of couples who find it difficult to conceive andtherefore, need donated eggs to get pregnant easily. In egg donation process, an infertile woman uses occytes from a donor to accomplish her wish of becoming a mother.

For prospective parents, egg donation is considered as treatment of last resort. Many people are not aware about this technique of becoming parents until and unless they are being informed by a doctor or perhaps they have browsed the Internet for the same.

Egg donation is recommended to women with ovarian failure, had a history of repeated miscarriages, whose age is more than 35 years, with chromosomal abnormalities and women who are not able to get pregnant with their own eggs. When an individual becomes an egg donor, she gives life to another family and hope to so many intended parents.

There are a few reasons why a woman might need donor eggs:

  • She may have had cancer treatment and this might have stopped her ovaries from functioning

  • She does not produce eggs because of older maternal age

  • She may be at risk of giving birth to a child with genetic problem

  • She has experienced a premature menopause

We at IRMIC dedicated for making the experience as rewarding as possible and provide everything a patient wants to get the most out of this unbelievable experience of lifetime.